Brand Holism
Sharing and discussing thoughts and ideas on the modern understanding of branding

We live in a dynamic and digitalised world. We have never been connected faster and easier than today. The development in culture, technology and economy opens up new forms who we connect, communicate and consume. What does this flexibilisation mean for a brand? Why must a brand not fight against change, but needs to be an active part of it? Companies and institutions grow everyday, so grow their brands, their identities and their communication. How does a brand become a living organism?

Brand Holism is a new understanding of strategy, identity and expression of a brand and offers an inspiring support for everybody working for and with brands. Since a couple of months, I regularly give lectures and presentations at agencies and design schools – FH JOANNEUM, HTW Berlin, Edenspiekermann, think moto and designforum Vorarlberg among others – about the outcome of my master project Dynamic Branding. Sharing ideas fuels creativity!

Concept, project development, methodological research, graphic design, digital publishing, lecture and workshop development, speaking



Brand Holism Lecture @ think moto, December 2014 (Slides in German)

Brand Holism Brainfood Session @ Edenspiekermann, August 2014 (Slides in English)

Brand Holism Lecture @ spitzar strategy.communication, June 2014

Brand Holism Lecture @ FH JOANNEUM, June 2014 (Slides in German)

Brand Holism Presentation @ PechaKucha Night, designforum Vorarlberg, February 2014


Idea, concept, design, realisation, distribution
Emanuel Jochum

Steven Cook,
Johanna Ecker, Interbrand
Alexander Egger,
Isolde Fitzel, Nofrontiere Design
Daniel Frei, daniel frei. kommunikation
Mike Fuisz, moodley brand identity
Matthias Jungwirth, Akkurat Identity
Philipp Kanape, EN GARDE
Cedric Kiefer, onformative
Nenad Kovacic, Raffinerie
Geoff Linsell, Moving Brands
Daniel Severin, Swisscom
Marco Spies, think moto
Marco Spitzar, spitzar
Felix Widmaier, Namics

Supporting partner
Brand Perfect

Lectures and discussions
Zurich University of the Arts
designforum Vorarlberg
Nofrontiere Design
FH JOANNEUM University of Applied Sciences
spitzar strategy.communication
Weber, Mathis + Freunde
think moto
HTW Berlin

Lectures and discussions in preparation
Ippolito Fleitz Group
Franklin University Switzerland
Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences
HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd