Stay true to yourself
These five principles describe how I approach projects, problems and my profession as a designer.

Simple is beautiful.

Design is a way to simplify things, regardless of whether they are information, products or services. Focusing on the essence of things helps to make them concrete, authentic and understandable. Our world is complex enough, so let’s try to make it a bit simpler.

Good things take time.

Change is what makes our lives exciting. Just think about the technological development over the past few years and its influence on how we go through life now. Crazy! But this is the result of critical thinking, making mistakes and constant learning. We need time to create amazing things. Great ideas may pop up in a blink of an eye, intelligent solutions grow and thrive over time.

Work for money, design for love.

This title of a book by David Airey says the truth about the profession of a designer. Design is passion. It’s a way of thinking. But it’s hard work too. And hardly any other profession brings so many disciplines together or requires so much empathy than design, right?

Make yourself proud.

Design always shows a bit of the personality of the designer. I try to listen to my heart and to use my mind when I do things and also to have fun while doing that. Hard work and being nice make it possible to do epic things. Life is a game, so don’t forget to play!

Be truthful, gentle and fearless.

These wise words by Mahatma Gandhi sum up what is essential for a meaningful life. It’s not too much expected to tell the truth and see things as they are. We all live on the same planet, so kindness and empathy are elementary for everyone of us. Being brave allows us create beautiful things, because: On the other side of fear is freedom.

Do you see the potential?
Let’s join forces!