Do what you love
My heart beats for a lot of things. I’ve picked a few to show you a bit of what I like to spend my time with.

Brand experience design

Brands are living organisms. We need brands that grow and thrive in this fast-moving and ever-changing world. We need companies with products and services people love and actually like to use. This human-centred approach makes it easier to discover new potentials – especially in collaborative and interdisciplinary settings like creative sprints or co-creation sessions. Branding is a total experience!

Cities, beaches and summer

I’m blessed for having met so many wonderful people and for having seen so many beautiful places in our world so far. Wanderlust, an open mind and living in four different countries allowed me to discover new things and to appreciate the impact these things have on myself. The blinding lights of the cities (Guanajuato is one of the most beautiful places I’ve been), the natural beauty of the beaches with the magic line of the horizon and the colours of the summer simply fascinate me.

Mountains, lakes and hikes

Born and raised at the foot of the Alps and close to the water, I’m in love with the mountains and what they hold for us. The silhouettes, the valleys and the coexistence of flora and fauna within them reveal the beauty of nature. The shapes and plains – formed over millions of years – provide the environment for us to live and I regularly enjoy exploring it by foot, ascending the Gafalljoch at border between Austria and Switzerland for instance.

Mexico and the Spanish language

I’ve been learning Spanish for many years now and my stay in Mexico definitely let me fall in love with the language and the Latin American culture. The friendliness and joy of the people there is a pleasant change from the hustle and bustle in Europe. Lots of »vochos« – the nickname in Mexico for the Volkswagen Beetle – make the streets in Mexico even more colourful. Amo este país. ¡Viva México!

Airport atmosphere

An airport is a place of goodbyes and welcomes, separations and reunions, leaving and coming, languages and cultures, haste and pause. An airport is a place of extreme contrasts. Even the static building and the movable planes make a contrast. I’ve always been fascinated by flying and everything around it – even when the clouds let down some rain drops like at Zürich Airport the other day. Think about how we would move in the world without the possibility to take a plane to get from one continent to another one. Incredible, right?

Cinemas and independent films

The cinema culture in Berlin let me bring back my enthusiasm for going to see films at arthouse cinemas. I’m in love with the architecture, the atmosphere inside, the people around you and the films shown there. Berlin is the perfect place for cineasts. Have you been to the Kino International? This jewel inherited from the GDR is simply magnificent – a cinema with style and history. Wonderful!

Social entrepreneurship

Since my activity at the Impact Hub Zürich (and at the Impact Hub Berlin while being in protoype mode in a very nice brick house in Neukölln) I’m deeply impressed by the enthusiasm of the people who establish corporations and organisations to develop innovative solutions to social problems. It’s great to take part in this process as a designer and to help entrepreneurs create social or ecological value. Get details about the global Impact Hub community and where to find the Impact Hub next to you on their website. Fight for change!


A very special thing captured my attention in late 2012. I attended a CreativeMornings/Zurich session, a breakfast event where people from the creative industries get together to listen to some input by a speaker and to have a coffee before heading back to work. I’ve always got the chance to gain new insights and to get to know a lot of interesting people – lately during some events in Berlin and Vienna. Check out the nearest CM at their website. It’s totally worth it!