Structure: Project Process

Here the revised structure and core elements of the project as well as the path of work. 20 guiding questions are the foundation for the insight setup. This setup contains the following four tracks of research methods: ➀ 20 project examples are collected to get a view on some successfully realised projects covering generative design solutions; ➁ 20+ experimental studies are undertaken to get a personal, hands-on experience using generative design methods and examining the use some formal criteria; ➂ 20 interviews with experts who made projects including generative design as a way of creating dynamic visual identities; ➃ 20+ little talks with designers and managers who create and take decisions on visual identities. The results of these methods undergo an extended analysis and reflection, producing a wide range of knowledge to define 20 guidelines which stimulate an impulsive development in the field of generative visual identities. The content of both theoretical (related posts are filed under → T [Research Log]) and practical (→ P [Design Book]) part of this project are in constant interaction. The analysis and the core results of the four-track research setup are composed to the theoretical MA thesis in book form. The 20 guidelines are – beside the profound explanation in the theoretical part – visualised, presented and realised as a publication (manifesto, handbook, guidebook, web platform, poster series or the like). / ✚

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