The design research project ‘Dynamic Branding’ ran from February 2012 to June 2013 as part the Master of Arts in Design programme at Zurich University of the Arts. The project findings show how specific types of flexible design systems help brands to become vibrant visual experiences. Inputs from on-topic professionals and a variety of case studies make contemporary approaches to branding visible and concrete. A manifesto points out the essence in form of bold keywords and raises the awareness of problems like accessibility, consistency or sustainability; a complementary digital publication serves as an inspirational multimedia source. The project is the starting base for a new and in-depth discussion about dynamic branding and runs as a spin-off of the MA programme since mid-June 2013 supported by Moving Brands and Namics. Please get in touch in case of any advice, feedback or questions: hello{at}, via Twitter or on Facebook. Cheers+merci!

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