Models: Logo & Holo

Paul Hughes added these comments in the book Dynamic Identities by Irene Van Nes:

design is dead
design schould be alive

everything in this world changes
so should design

we are living
in a living work
with living organisations
that cry out for living brands

brands change
learn and adapt
so the limitations of consistency
are liberated with a balance
of consistency and change

no longer will we be dictated by brand manuals
but rather we will be facilitated by brand magazines

with this comes a more mature understanding of brands
for we now understand taht a brand is not a logo
no more than we are our signatures
instead a brand is understood to be a collection of relationships
internal relationships that stimulate us to live the brand
and external relationships that stimulate a living brand

by focusing on relationships we form a more mature definition
for relationships give context and it is only context that gives meaning

logos were nothing more than static components of a brand
now they too are redefined in terms of relationships
singular meaning now becomes holistic meaning
logos now become holos

a holo acts as a beating heart at the center of a brand
that stimulate the brand to change
learn and adapt to living organisations
in a living world

design should be alive.

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