Insight: Creative Engagement Journey of the Barclaycard Identity

Great behind-the-scenes insight! Watch this film by Moving Brands about the creative engagement journey of creating the new, digital-first Barclaycard identity including a statement by Sharon Zimmerli, Head of Brand Expression at Barclaycard:

Barclaycard Creative Engagement Journey Film from Moving Brands® on Vimeo.

Barclaycard introduced the first credit card to the UK market in 1966, building a trusted business based on innovation and openness. Almost 50 years on, the industry had changed: confidence in financial institutions had eroded, and technological and regulatory changes encouraged increased competition. Barclaycard also faced its own individual challenges: research had revealed both brand awareness and consideration were low. Competing communications from business units and a static visual identity that lacked moving and sonic tools had resulted in a diluted, detached brand. To compete, Barclaycard needed to change.
To help realise the new business ambition to become ‘the go to brand for payments,’ we began working with senior staff in 2009 on a broad programme of work encompassing brand, innovation and communications.
See the full case study at:

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