Case Study: Barclaycard’s New Identity System

Moving Brands helped Barclaycard to build credibility in their digital payment offer and to transform their static ‪#‎brand‬ into a digital-first visual identity system. Barclaycard’s visual signature asset is ‘the open world symbol’. Enjoy watching the moving exploration for the identity system. ‪#‎BrandHolism‬

Moving exploration for the Barclaycard identity system from Moving Brands® on Vimeo.

To help build credibility in their digital payment offer, Barclaycard needed tools to confidently communicate in an increasingly digital space. We transformed their static brand into a digital-first visual identity system, helping build greater coherence by stripping away complexity and giving ‘the open world symbol’, Barclaycards’ signature visual asset, a more prominent role throughout the system. We introduced new identity assets and principles, specifically for motion and interaction, ensuring Barclaycard communications could flex in tone, from informative to inspiring, across all platforms.

See the full case study here:

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