Case Studies: PIGMENTPOL Software Tool

ATMO and FELD | studio for digital crafts created a visual identity for German digital printing office Pigmentpol with a hexagon as the key element. A custom-made software tool generates various graphics. Have a look at this film to find out what the design system is about and how it works. #CaseStudies / ◣

Generative tool to create visual elements for an identity system from ATMO Designstudio on Vimeo.

In collaboration with FELD we created a new visual identity for PIGMENTPOL, a digital printing company with three subsidiaries in Germany. The new identity system embodies a variety of perspectives, experiences and possibilities while maintaining a unifying appearance. The chosen hexagon serves as a central key element from which the generated logos and backgrounds are derived.
FELD provided a custom software application for the creation of individual graphics to enable a flexible and individual appearance of the huge variety of PIGMENTPOL's corporate media, including personalized stationery, shop interior and vehicles.

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