Book: »Hello, I am Erik«, Gestalten

Excited to see »Hello, I am Erik«, the first book that showcases the impressive body of work by Erik Spiekermann and that tells the story of his life, edited by Johannes Erler and published by Gestalten. He represents German typeface and corporate design like no other, and his work has a massive influence on contemporary graphic design worldwide. Have a look at the film below and pre-order the book here: #Berlin

Hello, I am Erik—The German Letterman from Gestalten on Vimeo.

Erik Spiekermann is one of the best-known typographers and graphic designers in the world. Not only does he represent German typeface and corporate design like no other, but his work and the companies he founded—MetaDesign, FontShop, and EdenSpiekermann—have also had an unparalleled influence on contemporary graphic design around the globe.

At his newly opened letterpress workshop P98A gallery, meets this master, who has been “suffering from typomania” all his life. We learn about the beauty that benefits from constraints, the heritage of letterpress printing, and his unusual entrepreneurship principles. This video also gives you a sneak peak into Gestalten’s upcoming book “Hello, I am Erik,” the first-ever visual biography of Erik Spiekermann’s life and work. The book is written and designed by Johannes Erler and his office in close cooperation with Erik Spiekermann.

Gestalten’s Letterpress workshop with Erik Spiekermann:

Pre-order his book:
Hello, I am Erik (EN) –
Hallo, ich bin Erik (DE) –

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