Artefacts: Dynamic Branding Kit

The products of the MA research project will be officially released in autumn 2013. The Dynamic Branding Kit will contain several items which are described below.

① Dynamic Branding Book
The Dynamic Branding Book is the revised and extended edition of the Dynamic Branding Thesis submitted to the Zurich University of the Arts as the Master of Arts in Design graduation paper. The book includes an additional set of case studies. Part of these case studies is a more detailed analysis of the flexible elements of the visual identities. New inputs by experts like Marco Spies from think moto, Nico Wüst from Strichpunkt Design, Cedric Kiefer from onformative or Michael Rütti from Crafft bring out new approaches to branding (experts have already been requested or will be requested soon). The essence of the whole study is revised and extended to 20 keywords which form the Dynamic Branding Manifesto. A more in-depth analysis of the findings leads to a more precise outcome and to more concrete impulses. The book also is presented in a new layout with a improved design concept. My mentors during the MA programme, Peter Vetter, Cybu Richli and Sarah Owens, continue to support the research process as advisors.

② Dynamic Branding Manifesto
The essence in the Dynamic Branding Book is described in form of 20 keywords, complemented by short statements and descriptions to support the ideas. The Dynamic Branding Manifesto is more straight-to-the-point and easier to apply within practical contexts. Instead of being distributed as a roll-up poster, the manifesto newly appears in form of a handy booklet, including additional content and ideas to create and improve the awareness of flexibility for visual identities. The development of the content is supported by Geoff Linsell from Moving Brands.

③ Dynamic Branding App
The Dynamic Branding App is a digital publication for the iPad and serves as an inspirational multimedia resource containing the detailed descriptions and visualisations of concrete cases and how their incorporated design systems work and behave. The publication is scheduled to be available in the App Store until November 2013. The revision and improvement of the app is supported by the digital publishing professionals at Namics.

④ Dynamic Branding Website
The Dynamic Branding Website makes the findings accessible at one single place.

Additionally, the Dynamic Branding Set is promoted through a series of small lectures and workshops. The first lecture is expected to be held at FH JOANNEUM.


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