Update: Refurb of dynamicbranding.info

Olé! In times of facing new challenges, new cities and new projects, I’m more than happy to announce that I work on a new setup of this blog, evolving from a documentation page to a platform of interesting insights and ideas. There will be a website including 15 brand essentials and 15+ interviews with professionals from branding, design, strategy, PR, marketing and brand management, steadily extended with regular updates. Finally the whole thing steps out of the lab and gets the chance to inspire people! Check out ejochum.com in the meanwhile!

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Expert Input: Philipp Kanape, EN GARDE, Graz, A

Some weeks ago I sat down with Philipp Kanape, founder and creative director of Graz- and Vienna-based design studio EN GARDE, to talk about his view on ‪#‎branding‬ in today’s fast-moving world and why brands need to encourage open conversations. Thanks for your valuable inputs, Philipp! And I’m excited to join your team soon for doing awesome stuff! Thru the heart!

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Expert Input: Alexander Egger, Berlin, D

I’m happy to announce that I soon will sit down with Alexander Egger to talk about his thoughts on ‪#‎branding‬. He is art director, designer, author, publisher, curator, illustrator, artist and musician based in Berlin. As a designer he focuses on integrative and holistic solutions, strategic brand development, cultural communication and editorial design. Check out his work at www.alexanderegger.com

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Manifesto: Interviews transcribed and translated

Whoop! Finally I found the time to transcribe and translate all discussions I had with branding, communication and design professionals in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. What a nice crew, no? I’m also happy to announce that the Dynamic Branding Manifesto will be released in August. Good things take time!

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Lecture: Brand Holism @ EINSICHTEN – Thanks!

Thanks to the crew of EINSICHTEN – especially Felix Kapolka – for having me for a talk and a discussion on ‪#‎brands‬ alongside Daniel Kranz at HTW Berlin. It was a pleasure!

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Lecture: Brand Holism @ EINSICHTEN

Tomorrow I’ll share some thoughts on strategic brand development and brand leadership at a new edition of EINSICHTEN at HTW Berlin. Drop by if you’re around, get some impulses and have a beer or two!

Posted by Dynamic Branding on Monday, 11 May 2015

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Input: Four literary lessons for brands

Who would have thought that reading the classics could lead to a better understanding of the cut and thrust of the modern business world? Aliya Whiteley gives four literary lessons for brands on Brand Perfect.

Posted by Dynamic Branding on Friday, 6 March 2015

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Event: cxi-Konferenz in Bielefeld

Am 10. Juni 2015 findet die 7. cxi-Konferenz statt – dieses Jahr erstmalig an der Fachhochschule Bielefeld. Experten von Interbrand, Thoma+Schekorr, KMS TEAM, Lufthansa und einigen anderen präsentieren Strategien und Lösungsansätze zur Entwicklung und Implementierung von Corporate-Identity-Projekten. Whoop!

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Expert Input: Steven Cook, Edenspiekermann

Today I met Steven Cook, Creative Director & Partner at Edenspiekermann_in Berlin, to capture his view on recent developments and remarkable changes in #branding. Thanks for having me, Steven! With this interview I complete the collection of expert insights (for now) to focus on the release of the Dynamic Branding publication. Interesting stuff coming up!

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Expert Input: Johanna Ecker, Interbrand

This week I sat down with Johanna Ecker, Associate Director Digital Branding at Interbrand Berlin, to talk about her experiences and her view on current developments and challenges in #branding. Thanks for your time and insights, Johanna! The full interview will be part of the Dynamic Branding publication which is going to be released in spring 2015.

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News: Collaboration with Brand Perfect

Great news: I proudly announce that I’m going to collaborate with Brand Perfect (www.brandperfect.org) to share more thoughts on the modern understanding of #branding and about #BrandHolism. The platform is an an initative by Monotype and aims to help brands keep pace with technological change and create seamless interactive experiences. Details about the cooperation are coming very soon. Excitement, whoop!

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3.500+ Views on SlideShare!

Thank you very much for more than 3500 views at my presentations on SlideShare! If you haven’t done it yet, I invite you to have a look at the slides of the lectures I gave at think motoWeber, Mathis + Freunde, Edenspiekermann_ and Design FH Joanneumwww.slideshare.net/ejochum. Sharing ideas fuels creativity!

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